Well the main thing most people want to Know is how much does it cost?  So here you go. Click this link to see the NewsTrak rate card.

With the cost issue out of the way we can tell you that NewsTrak records theses markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Fresno, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Monterey, Palm Springs, Chico / Redding and Reno, Nevada.  And of course we have access to the rest of Nation via News Data Service (NDS).  Newstrak records all programming in DVD quality MPEG2 format. NDS members either record in the MPEG2 format or direct to DVD.  NewsTrak holds on to newscasts for six months in all markets, except Sacramento which is held for one year.  NDS members hold an average six moths. Some hold for much much longer.  The combo of NewsTrak and NDS provides you with the Highest Quailty and longest average hold times in the industry.  NewsTrak can provide your news segments in any format under the Sun, it just depends on how you plan to use the segments. We will be glad to help you make a decision on which format will work best for you. . For more on formats and how each can be used please see the FAQ page.  NewsTrak can provide direct to you emails, direct FTP's to your site, FTP downloads from our server or posting as streaming files on a News Portal portal that we can build for you. 

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Whether you are looking for all the Bells and Whistle or hunting for the Needle in the Haystack, NewsTrak can do it. Besides that we do it more economically (cheaper). For more on what we offer see the "Services Page". For more on CC, FTP, digtial formats and delivery, and other News Monitoring Tech stuff see the "FAQ". If you really want to know more about US see "About US"



Mike Ross
Manager NewsTrak
PO Box 580278
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